Monday, April 25, 2016

Clean Smarter

Happy Monday y'all. It was a bit of a drewry weekend in WI but not drewry enough to make time for some more spring cleaning. It seems like all I do is clean now! It did include outdoor cleaning too, in between the rain and brisk wind.

Fresh fruit and veggies are just around the corner, so that cleaning goes from counters to fresh produce in the snap of a fingers. Have you tried Thieves Fruit and Vegetable wash? Check it out! 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Citrusy Herb Blend

Are you looking for a new diffuser blend? Maybe something a little citrusy, a little flowery, maybe even a hint of herb? It's here! Clary Sage, Bergamot & Lavender mixed to make the perfect Citrusy Herb Blend. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sutter Roseville Medical Center- offering Young Living

You have to check this out! I recently saw a post on social media that has been shared over and over on social media about a medical center offering Young Living Essential Oils to help subside nausea rather than using pain medication. 

Please note: Young Living Essential Oils are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Just as some antibiotics work for some people and not for others, essential oils work different on each individual.

That being said, I think it is great that this medical center is experimenting with these natural 'healing agents', as I like to personally call them.

All names were covered for privacy.

Are Citrus Oils Safe For You Teeth?

I recently read an article from Young Living about the effects Citrus Fruits can have on the teeth. Many people have raised concern that Citrus Oils may have the same effect so Young Living had a test done to show exactly how these oils effect your teeth.

(click image to view closer)

Pretty cool how they have little to no change in PH compared to the actual fruit itself. Wondering how that can be if these are "pure" oils right? Well, it all goes back to the Seed to Seal process. Lemon (as well as other citrus oils) are cold pressed from the rind of 'Citrus limon fruit'. This results in essential oil with a bright citrus aroma comparable to the flesh of the fresh fruit. The actual flesh of the fruit contains higher levels of PH compared to the essential oils derived from the rind.  

Peppermint Water = Performance Support

There she goes again about Peppermint... I know, I know! But I just love this oil so much and this meme is awesome!

I have occasionally put YL Peppermint oil in my water and coffee, but never thought about putting it in my water during a workout. Light bulb! I am excited to start this TONIGHT! Yahhhh 

My Water Drinking Rituals-
Morning: Lemon Water
Day: Water (lemon, citrus fresh, tangerine, grapefruit, lime or any combination of these)
Workout: Peppermint Water

#letsdoit #workout #getfit #lifting #noexcuses #gymlife #happyhealthyliving #water #peppermint #healthy

Monday, April 18, 2016


I absolutely love this. Love is probably an understatement. Followers, you know how much I love Thieves products!!!

It is hard to become a #bethiever without trying but it is possible. Where there is a will, there is a way, right? If you have not tried any of these Thieves products, what is holding you back? Did you try one you aren't a huge fan of? Maybe the smell, even though I think it's amazing! Don't let it ruin your experience with the rest of them. There are ways around all of that! 

Laundry Laundry Laundry

Laundry seems to be never-ending; at least in my home. I don't even have children yet (besides a furry one) and it still gets piled up. 

Now, I do change my sheets weekly and I have been catching up on spring laundry- you know, all those shorts, tank tops and summer-y clothes that I've had in totes all winter! 

What do you use to wash your laundry? Do you know what is in that detergent? Or so called detergent! It continues to amaze me how uneducated our society is when it comes to the ingredients in the simple products we use DAILY. 

The number 1 ingredient that is harmful is the number 1 thing most people do when deciding which laundry detergent to purchase at the store...Fragrance. What do we do? Grab a bottle, open the cap and take a sniff. Nah, don't like that one, lets try a different one... Many manufacturers combine a multitude of chemicals to produce that very fragrance. 

Another HUGE ingredient that people often disregard is the actual cleaning agents themselves. These are simply added to help the detergents clean your clothes better. In the meantime, they are releasing a well-known carcinogen; formaldehyde. This is among the several harmful cleaning agents within detergent. 

It makes me wonder WHY people continue to use these? Is it easier than purchasing natural? Is it cheaper? Do 'we' as a society just not care? 

Here are TWO solutions!

Add Young Living Thieves Laundry Soap into your life

*Less is More! This is a plant-based formula that is completely free from harsh additives like synthetic perfumes, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and brighteners. (Stay tuned for upcoming post on tips on naturally keeping clothes white)

Make your own Laundry Soap 

*Laundry soap is VERY easy to make. Did I mention it is inexpensive also? Check out the DIY page for 2 easy recipes (Dry & Liquid)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pure Protein Complete

Here is the BEST protein shake you can get your hands on; in my opinion of course! This is one of my all-time favorite Young Living products. I haven't tried Chocolate, but I use this every time I workout (with my YL shaker bottle). It taste great and does the job, perfectly! You can even add a couple drops of EO if you want to spruce up the vanilla flavor- but it definitely does not need it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Diffuser Blends for the Mind

Sometimes we all get caught up in life. We wake up, get ready for work, take the dog out, grab a cup of coffee and hop in the car to head to work. The days blend together as work projects begin to fog your vision of life outside of work. Projects pile on your desk and all of a sudden you find yourself knee deep in paperwork.

Take a moment to browse some of my favorite diffuser blends for the mind. My favorite is Rejuvenate! It is no secret that I have a passion for Peppermint, but this diffuser blend will help give me that boost without the caffeine loaded coffee (not that I would say no to a good brew)! 

Try a few blends out over the next couple of days. Let me know what your favorite is. Have a favorite blend of your own? Please share, as I love trying new blends in the diffuser.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Motivation Monday anyone?!?!

Sometimes Monday's feel like the middle of the week and sometimes not so much. Today, not so much. Take a moment to ready the quote below and reflect. It does wonders for a person to have their day made. Put a smile on someones face this week!

Member Service Hours

Young Living has extended their Member Service hours. They are now closed on Sundays by phone, but available later hours Monday through Saturday. And by chat of course. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Thieves Dish Soap

This is one of the many Thieves products we keep stocked in our house! It's awesome; plant-based, natural and smells amazing.

Contains Thieves, Jade Lemon and Bergamot essential oils.

It's free of SLS, SLES, dyes, formaldehyde, phosphates and synthetic perfumes!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Soda Splurge!

I'm not a regular soda drinker, or pop if you call it that... But today an Orange soda sounded really good. So, what did I do? I snatched a Sprite and added 2 drops of Young Living Orange Essential Oil. #splurge

Below is Nutrition Facts off the label of Orange Soda. It is becoming common knowledge in today's society that many of the ingredients in soda are not healthy for you; whether it is Coke, Grape, Cherry Pepsi or Orange soda.

Between the high sugar, artificial colors, high fructose corn syrup... it doesn't make me wonder why America's obesity rate continues to increase. Of course fast food and other unhealthy eating and exercise habits contribute to that as well.
Now this is the label of a Sprite. There is still sugar, but 24 grams vs. 44 grams. 

I'll take half the sugar any day. It contains literally half the sugar content. I almost did a double take because it just doesn't make sense the sugar is double, but it is!

For me, all I need to do is add 2 drops of YL Orange Essential Oil and wah-la I am now sipping on an 'orange' soda; without the added sugar, calories and artificial colors.

End result; clean soda & organic EO! 

What makes you feel great?

It the world we call current, it feels like someone is always judging us for our actions, our words, our beliefs. I'm sure you could continue to add to the list if given some thought. What truly makes you feel great? 

I love the quote below because it hits the heart of what makes me feel great. I have enjoyed being a hairdresser for that reason, making each and every person feel like a "somebody" when they leave. Some already have that feeling before even sitting down, but many don't. Do you recall the true reason you went to the salon last? Maybe you can't style your hair anymore. Or you want something new. You're feeling down so you want to spruce something up. Many people come into the salon because they don't feel great about themselves and want a change, something new to make them feel great. THAT is why I loved being a hairdresser.

Now that those days are behind me (for now anyways) it reiterates why this quote hits the sole with me. I strive to 'be somebody who make someone else feel great'. 

Make someone smile today.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Diffuser Blends

If you are as excited as I am about spring, you must check out some of my favorite Spring Diffuser Blends!

Contact Me

Have a question about something? Interested in Young Living? Maybe you just want information or advice about something. Contact me and let me know what I can help with! My ears are always open.

NingXia Red

Spring is here, at last... well it is supposed to be! We are expecting more SNOW in Wisconsin this week, but I'm not letting that bring my spirit down! I've recently started a new workout program and I'm loving it. It has me inspired for the new season regardless what Mother Nature throws at me!

With spring comes gardening. Do you garden? I grew up gardening and now that I'm a homeowner, I'll be kicking it into gear this year. You'll hear all about it right here on my blog!

I love my fruits and veggies. My husband, not so much with the veggie part, but he's not terrible. We take 1 oz of NingXia Red a day to make sure we are getting the energy and nutrients we need on a daily basis, the healthy way. Take a look!

This is not intended to replace your fruits and veggies but give you a boost. You should still strive to get those whole foods into your body but hey, sometimes it just isn't possible. Why not make a daily routine of NingXia Red? It'll give you energy and nutrients. 

Don't get me wrong, I still love a good cup of coffee in the morning sometimes!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Once Upon a Prom

Guess what I did this weekend?

Once Upon a Prom!!!!!

I love this event and hope to continue to have the opportunity each and every year. Check out the About Me page to learn what it's all about. 

Chemical Cleaners vs Natural Cleaner(s)

As much as I'd love to say it's "common sense" that chemicals are bad for you, your children, your pets, your life... It's not all the common knowledge anymore. Everything we read from government websites to personal testimonies, the mis-information is always surrounding us. 

Whether you decide to keep using whatever cleaning products you have stock piled in your home or not, remember to do your research on everything you are using! It could save someone from being accidentally harmed intrusive chemical cleaners.

On a more positive note, wouldn't it be great to dispose ALL your chemical cleaners with one, literally one; all natural cleaner?

I'm a member of YL so I get the discount and I contemplated the cost benefits, chemical-free benefits and even the quantity you get out of the product... which seemed to be a no-brainier. I had to AT LEAST try the product and see what everyone claims to clean so happily with.

Now, it's "my cleaning go-to". I am a DIY kind of person so I have other cleaning products around the house but guess what? They are made from this product (or YL Thieves EO)! Can't complain. It is so simple and so affordable, actually more affordable than jumping in the car and going to the store to purchase several cleaners. 

Just how much money can you save? Well, take a look! 
Bet you can't get a bottle of all-purpose cleaner that cheap, even at your local Dollar Store!

But like I said, it's so much better than that. You can use this one product for windows, floors, toilets, sinks, showers.... the list goes on and on and on...

What are the benefits of diffusing Young Living essential oils?

I could go on and on about what I FEEL the benefits of Young Living essential oils are, but that's not necessary. Take a look at the image below to see just a few of the proven benefits of Young Living essential oils through diffusing...

If you want to know more about what I FEEL the benefits are for MY family, contact me! Ask me all the questions you want. Hard, easy... I want to hear them all!