Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Time = Spring Food!

Spring Time = Spring Food!

Well, in Wisconsin spring is technically here but not the weather! We got at least 10 ½ inches of snow yesterday into today; yet I still had my windows down at lunch, sun shining and all! It’s beautiful out. Poor kiddos have spring break this week up here and they can’t even play with spring jackets. That’s Wisconsin though!
We can definitely cook like its spring though! Check out this new recipe I’ve been dying to try. It basically has all my favorite fruits plus a few more.

Honey Lime Rainbow Fruit Salad

1 lb. fresh strawberries; diced
1 lb. fresh pineapple; diced
12 oz fresh blueberries; diced
12 oz red grapes; diced into halves
4 kiwis; peeled and diced
1 (15 oz.) can mandarin oranges in juice; drained well and sliced into halves
2 bananas; ripe & diced*
Honey Lime Dressing:
¼ cup honey
2 tsp. lime zest (zest of 2 medium limes)
3 drops YL Lime essential oil

Add all fruit into a large mixing bowl. In a small mixing bowl, whisk together the honey, lime zest and lime juice. Pour over fruit just before serving and toss to evenly coast (as it sits for a few minutes the juices will gather at the bottom, so toss again before plating)

*the bananas aren’t picture. I decided to add them later on for better taste.

Check out the recipes tab for more great YL essential oil recipes.

Monday, March 21, 2016

There is still time!

There is still time to get your very own Starter Kit in the month of March. 

What a great way to start Spring!

Friday, March 18, 2016


Young Living is asking for your help by making a meme! Where are all my DIY, creative friends? 

"Create a meme to make your fellow essential oil enthusiasts laugh out loud."

Once your work is submitted, Young Living will post them all on their blog for members to vote for their favorite ones.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!! No, sorry. You won't win a chicken dinner, but there is a prize.

Fist Place
Rainstone Diffuser
Lavender Essential Oil

Second Place
Home Diffuser
Lavender Essential Oil

Third Place
Orb Diffuser
Lavender Essential Oil


1. Follow Young Living on Facebook:

2. Create a Young Living-themed meme using your own pictures or by using a meme generator.

3. Submit your meme to for a chance to win of the the three prizes above!

March 30, 2016 @ 11:59 pm

April 7, 2016 @ 11:59 pm

Ready, Set, GO!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Guilt-Free Engergy Drink!

The new hydrating drink infused with oils.

NingXia Zyng is a new Young Living product that "uses the same whole-fruit wolfberry puree found in our popular superfruit supplement, NingXia Red. We add sparkling water, pear and blackberry juices, and a hint of Lime and Black Pepper essential oils for a dynamic, unique taste. You'll enjoy a refreshing boost that's full of flavor without artificial flavors and preservatives."

Zyng has natural flavors and sweeteners, already setting it apart from the high sugar, artificial flavored energy drinks on the market. With 35 mg of natural caffeine, there is only 35 calories per can. Talk about guilt free! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Essential Rewards

Are you a member of Young Living? 

If so, are you an Essential Rewards member?

If not, why not? 

Take a look, maybe it is for you, maybe it isn't...

Essential Rewards isnt' for everyone, but it is for most! I've been enrolled as an Essential Rewards member for a while and here are the exact reasons...

1) I place an order every few months anyways, so why shouldn't I earn points off those orders...
2) I like flat rate shipping. Let's be honest, who likes paying what seems like half their subtotal in shipping cost? Not me!!!
3) I like free product. If I'm placing an order every few months anyways, it's worth splitting it up into monthly orders so I can earn points used towards free product.

I loved the products then and I love them now so...

This is what I changed:

-I now place a 50pv order each month instead of a 190-300pv order every few months. 

Let's do the math
190/50= 3.8

So instead of doing a 190 order, I can split that order up into 3, almost 4 months of 50pv orders. If I do more than 190 every few months, I can split it up even more OR place an ER order more than 50pv. BUT, then I get points on the ER order I put in...

So now I'm splitting my orders up, earning points, and saving money. BINGO! I found the equation that works for my family.

On the other hand- if you simply enjoy the products and oils but don't order on a regular basis (monthly or larger non-monthly orders) ER may not be for you right now. 

Reach out and ask me specific questions about your Young Living experiences. I'd love to help you save money and earn free products (with or without ER)!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Gary's True Grit Gluten Free Waffle & Pancake Mix

I can not wait to try the Gary's True Grit Gluten Free Waffle and Pancake Mix with Lemon Vitality Essential Oil! It should be arriving at my door step today. Woot Woot! If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for? They also have a Gary's True Grit Waffle & Pancake Mix that isn't Gluten Free. I'm a fan of living a healthier life without sacrificing eating some of my favorite foods (aka- waffles)! Young Living offers a wide range of those healthy options that still allow you to eat your favorite foods. Want to learn more, contact me today! 

Peace & Calming

One of my favorite oils is Peace & Calming. The funniest part is, I'm actually not a huge fan of the aroma of Peace & Calming but I love the properties and how it makes me feel when it's diffused or I rub a drop on my wrists.

Beyond that, my puppy loves it. Every now and then he's not as good as we'd like him to be. When he is all rambunctious I will diffuse Peace & Calming. He often lays by the diffuser but even if he isn't, the calming factor is amazing with him. It doesn't happen immediately if that's what you're thinking though. Give it a little bit to get into the air. Dogs will be dogs after all.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Seed To Seal

Check out the Seed to Seal tab on this blog to learn more about why Young Living is the most popular, most trusted brand in the industry.

Drop of Inspiration

Young Living Podcast

Young Living has a new podcast. Have you checked it out yet? Here is the down low on the new podcast. It is updated twice a month to keep everything new and fresh. You can drop off your inspiration anytime, check out leadership lessons, talk with other Young Living influences and get some inside perspective on the company.

They have their first episode out already "Drop of Inspiration", by Jared Turner, the Chief of Operating Officer for Young Living. He joined the podcast having a personal conversation about how he has connected with Young Living and it's impact. Jared's experiences validate just how touching Young Living can be to a persons life, from explaining the Seed to Seal process to reminiscing about his first farm visit.

Just a few days ago (March 9) was the 2 episode. Mary Young has an exclusive interview about her new book. Make sure you tune in and check it out at

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Beard Control 401

Beard Control 401

I saw an article about taming beards this past November. It made me think of my husband and his obsession with growing a beard for hunting season. I still haven’t figured out if it’s just one of those “guy things”, if having a beard is the cool thing or what. I mean, it seems like 10 year old boys want to grow a beard now-a-days so it’s a legit assumption that men love the idea beards; even if they can’t grow them very well. But, who am I to judge… women's love for long hair, make-up, shoes, camo, purses, cowboy boots....The list could go on and on, but these all come in and out of style, so have at those beards men!

In all honesty, I love my husband with or without a beard. But, it is crazy sometimes. Like, Bed Beard instead of Bed Head! Nick uses Rosemary and Cedarwood on his face. He’s used this combination for a little over a year I’d say. He went from having a pretty legit goatee to growing more of a full beard. Of course all that work and he shaved it off for our honeymoon. (aww)

After reading that article back in November, I found it interesting what other men are using too. According to some interviewed men below are what rank in the Young Living beard remedies for men:

Tea Tree x4
Build Your Dream
Magnify Your Purpose
Bergamot x2
Cedarwood x2
Wintergreen x2
Idaho Balsam Fir
Northern Lights Black Spruce
Citrus Fresh x3
Australian Blue
Eucalyptus Radiata
*the (x2, x3, x4) refers to the number of interviewees that use that particular oil in at least one of their recipes.

What I concluded through reading this article is that there are an abundance of oils that can be used to achieve a multitude of outcomes. I had no idea some of these oils men would have the desire to use on their beard. Let’s see what they had to say about why they use these oils.
Interviewee 1:
“I like to smell good, keep my skin moisturized, and have a sheen in my beard that draws in the eye- but in a manly way. The scent of this combination makes me feel grounded with a twist of devious inspiration…”
What he uses:
-1 drop Tea Tree
-1 drop Bergamot
-1 drop Cedarwood
-3 drops of carrier oil per drop of EO

Interviewee 2:
“The coarse hair of my beard needs to be treated a little differently than the finer hair on my head…. I like using beard oil to help give my beard a shiny gloss and a great smell that lasts through the day- and there’s no better way to get it than to make your own… I dilute the essential oils pretty heavily so they aren’t overwhelming.”
3 Different ‘recipes’ he uses:
*1-2 drops Wintergreen with 2-3 drops conifer oil (Idaho Balsam Fir or Northern Lights Black Spruce)
*5 drops Citrus Fresh and 2 drops Tea Tree
*5 drops Bergamot and 3 drops Cedarwood
Carrier oils: almond oil and avocado oil

Interviewee 3:
“I like the fresh feeling of eucalyptus oils but with the sweetness of Citrus Fresh and Australian Blue. Tea Tree is great for added healthy glow for your face. Using a rich-smelling beard oil makes me feel less peasant and more nobleman.”
What he uses:
-10 drops of v-6 carrier oil or jojoba oil
-2 drops Tea Tree
-1 drop Helichrysum
-1 drop Eucalyptus Radiata
-1 drop Citrus Fresh
-2 drops Australian Blue

Interviewee 4:
“The essential oils I use change based on my mood that morning. Some mornings I’ll reach for Citrus Fresh and add a hint of Wintergreen because they tend to attract some nice attention. Every once in a while, I’ll throw in some Shutran just because it’s so manly; it’s like my beard has a beard.”
What he uses:
-1 drop Wintergreen
-2 drops Citrus Fresh
-1 drop Valor
-3 drops Shutran
-2 drops Tea Tree
-4 drops Lavender
-1 drop Believe
-2 drops Build Your Dream
-3 drops Magnify Your Purpose

I love when men reach out and find awesome DIY oils like these but wives, girlfriends, fianc├ęs, grandmas… whomever you are- pass this along! Help your guys out with a little DIY beard oil!

I’d love to hear how some of these work for you at home. Reach out and let me know! 

Mint Chocolate Protein Shake

So everyone who knows me well knows one of my favorite splurges is Caribou Mint Conditions... This had me all googly-eyed when I first saw it. Protein plus mint with some greens, YES PLEASE!

Find this recipe and tons more on my Recipe Tab right here in this blog!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Young Living vs. doTERRA

Young Living vs. doTERRA

I love essential oils and I’m happy to use them as a part of my family’s everyday lifestyle as well as share my experiences with others. Unfortunately, I get asked a lot of questions on WHY I chose Young Living over doTERRA. You’ll never find me posting about another brand or company besides comparisons such as this but I have a passion about Young Living. I prefer to focus on what I use and why I use them the way I do rather than soley compare company brands. That being said, I wanted to take the opportunity to answer the most popular questions I get asked; “Why I chose Young Living” and “Why I recommend only Young Living”.

When I was first introduced to essential oils, I didn’t think a lot into them. I liked the idea but felt overwhelmed with the entire process of getting the oils and I didn’t know where to begin to look. I made a promise to myself when I left my parents nest and went off to college over 5 years ago that I would never make large purchases without doing adequate research first. As a college student, Young Living was a large purchase to me. I was introduced to Young Living by a close friend at the time, so I was hesitant to hurt her feelings by telling her I wanted to do more research. Some people just take it personal but for me, essential oils were going to become a part of my life, diet and way of living. I wanted to ensure the investment I made was one I looked into thoroughly.

The key points I found in my research that made me decide “I want to use Young Living” are as follows:

-Young Living has been around for over 20 years, really structuring the path for high quality essential oils- and they have proof to show it. I believe they are an honest company with quality products that I couldn’t say about a few of the other companies I researched. Every company has downfalls, but Young Living has proved to be innovative and growing in all the right directions. 

-Young Living owns many of their own farms and pays extraordinary attention to the quality of soil fertility, proper distillation, purity and more. They are also highly involved in the process on the farms that they do not own.

-Young Living can be used as a business (like doTERRA) but it doesn’t require you to have your own business. You can be a 'retail customer' or simply become a 'wholesale member'. Both accounts are set up just like any other retail website you purchase from online. Retail members log in and order what they want just as wholesale members do. The only difference, wholesale members receive the same discount as those who have a business (24% off everything). I love the 'no strings attached' kind of memberships!

-That leads me to the next reason, Seed to Seal. Young Living has made it their key priority to follow their coined Seed to Seal process. The 5-step process is Seed, Cultivate, Distill, Test and Seal. From the moment the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, Young Living applies demanding quality controls to guarantee each bottle of essential oil is “exactly the way nature intended”. If there is one thing you specifically research about Young Living, I suggest it be the Seed to Seal process!

-Young Living products are amazing. I love their oils and many of their other products. The results our family has received has validated the research I did before investing. That alone is why I enjoy sharing Young Living with others. I truely believe the oils will sell themselves once you use them.

Before you head out to ponder about this blog and do some research for yourself, answer these questions: Why are you reaching out for information? What is important to you in a product? What is important to you in a company? Write down your answers. When you do research, refer back to your questions and what is important to you. Make sure the companies you are wanting to be a part of meet some of the same standards you have for your family. The research will do the rest.

Well, that’s my peace saying. I wish you all the best of luck on your essential oil journey whichever it may be. If there are any questions or comments you’d like to share with me, feel free to reach out. I would love to hear your opinion and help in any way possible. Happy Oiling!

Research that helped me choose Young Living

Dinner Basket Drawing

I want to start by thanking my awesome team for keeping the ball rolling, learning new things, teaching each other new things, and continuing to be innovative in the Young Living world.

We have 3 new members that joined our team last month, none in January. All 3 members had their name put into a drawing to win a free YL Dinner Basket. Angela, Beverly and Justin... thank you, again; for joining our Happy-Healthy-Living team! We are glad to have you.

Now to the good stuff you've all been waiting for... The winner of the dinner basket is Justin Olson! Congrats Justin. Keep an eye open for a message from me regarding your new Dinner Basket! 

Stay tuned for upcoming give-aways.