Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Essential Rewards

Are you a member of Young Living? 

If so, are you an Essential Rewards member?

If not, why not? 

Take a look, maybe it is for you, maybe it isn't...

Essential Rewards isnt' for everyone, but it is for most! I've been enrolled as an Essential Rewards member for a while and here are the exact reasons...

1) I place an order every few months anyways, so why shouldn't I earn points off those orders...
2) I like flat rate shipping. Let's be honest, who likes paying what seems like half their subtotal in shipping cost? Not me!!!
3) I like free product. If I'm placing an order every few months anyways, it's worth splitting it up into monthly orders so I can earn points used towards free product.

I loved the products then and I love them now so...

This is what I changed:

-I now place a 50pv order each month instead of a 190-300pv order every few months. 

Let's do the math
190/50= 3.8

So instead of doing a 190 order, I can split that order up into 3, almost 4 months of 50pv orders. If I do more than 190 every few months, I can split it up even more OR place an ER order more than 50pv. BUT, then I get points on the ER order I put in...

So now I'm splitting my orders up, earning points, and saving money. BINGO! I found the equation that works for my family.

On the other hand- if you simply enjoy the products and oils but don't order on a regular basis (monthly or larger non-monthly orders) ER may not be for you right now. 

Reach out and ask me specific questions about your Young Living experiences. I'd love to help you save money and earn free products (with or without ER)!