Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pinterest Challenge

Where are all my Pinterest lovers? 

Young Living is holding a unique contest right now. It is called "Pin It to Win It!" and you don't want to miss out if you're a Pinterest fan.

Here is a run down...

As you may know, all essential oil businesses, including ourselves as members need to follow guidelines that are not misleading in any way, shape or form. It has been a work in progress for many Young Living members as well as educators because simple things such as testimonies are not necessarily compliant to those guidelines. Here is a great rule of thumb when trying to decide if something is compliant:
"Young Living essential oils and their products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Just as some antibiotics work for some people and not for others, essential oils work different for each individual." 

You may find, like myself, that many essential oils work to help everyday symptoms or injuries to the body. That's fantastic! Right now, it is not compliant to promote oils using any of those experiences. Yes, I know... it isn't exactly ideal and it doesn't make sense, but that is the law and myself along with Young Living believe our oils and products don't need to take that route to show everyone just how great these oils are. 

The list below shows a variety of diagnoses, symptoms and medications that are medically diagnosed or medically treatable in some form. All of those are regulated whereas essential oils are not fully regulated at this time. 

Here are 25 of the "hot words" that are considered non-compliant:

High Blood Pressure
Parkinson's Disease
Comparison or substitution of any OTC or Rx Drugs
This list is not all-inclusive.

This doesn't mean Young Living products or essential oils won't assist with any of the above articles, but not ALL Young Living products are regulated by the FDA and therefore cannot be advertised as if it were regulated. This means you should not 'try to restate, describe, or imply the hot word without actually using it' also. 

So, what's the challenge right? Okay, here it is...
1. Clean up your Pinterest board. Make sure none of those Hot Words are located in your posts. If they are, remove those posts. We want everything involving Young Living to be compliant and accurate!
2. Pin one of the 7 Young Living Pinterest challenge photos. Check out my Young Living Pinterest Board to re-pin.

Each week Young Living will choose 3 winners for that week's 'featured prize bundle'. Woot Woot! Winners will also be given a shout-out during the International Grand Convention for helping support the integrity of Young Living.

Contest: May 1-June 18

Ready, Set, Go!

7 Pinterest Contest Photos Below
Visit my Young Living Pinterest Board to re-pin!