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Nicole Bauman

I enjoy helping make people feel great about themselves and their lives. I think everyone deserves a chance to grow in a happy, healthy environment, although many do not. I am an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. I was first introduced to Young Living by Heidi Anderson, an Executive Independent Distributor. I love diffusing YL not only to purify dirty air around me, but live a healthier life. Young Living offers great products for numerous reasons, which are different for each user. 

I am also a full-time Office Administrator for an amazing company in Eau Claire. I love working with a great group of people and enjoy waking up each morning and going to work, rather than dreading it! Beyond that, I am a licensed cosmetologist, which is one of my greatest passions. The feeling of truly inspiring and helping others is none-the-less, amazing!
I am blessed beyond words to have such an amazing family and group of friends that surround me every day. Of course my adorable puppy keeps me motivated and never stops pouring his love on our family. I value all those relationships and I am truly blessed to have tied-the-knot to an amazing man that supports my dreams and shares my passions. 
I am also honored to have met amazing people through my continued involvement with Young Living Essential Oils. I not only live a happy, healthy life but I get to share part of that happiness with a team of Young Living supporters!

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Once Upon a Prom- April 2 & 3, 2016

It was that time of year, again and I get so excited... I volunteered at Once Upon a Prom again this past weekend. It was as glorious as it always is. The feeling of helping girls feel like princesses is beyond imaginable. 

You dream of what your wedding day will be like as a little girl (most of us anyways). I guess I can't say I was one of the girls that planned out my dream wedding as a kid, but I did wonder what it would be like and if i'd feel like a princess (which I did)! 

Then comes middle school dances, high school dances and the one and only PROM! Everyone has to look perfect. Everyone wants the perfect dress, perfect hair, perfect make-up... but that all comes with a price. If you have a daughter going through or previously went through prom, you know exactly what i'm talking about. Prom dresses are expensive, with a capital E! 

Once Upon a Prom offers a prom dress, alterations, jewlery and shoes for FREE - well, almost free. Nothing is free in life. But with some volunteer work it truly is all yours. The best part... once you pick out all those fun things, I get to make your hair look all pretty! It's great to have ideas of what you want your hair to look like on that special prom day and i'm a lucky volunteer that has the opportunity to make that idea become reality. 

I hope all the ladies had a blast finding their dream prom dress this weekend. 

xoxo- until next year!


Once Upon a Prom- March 14 & 15 2015

I can't help but share my wonderful weekend. As many of you know, I am a licensed cosmetologist. It is one of my passions and I had the opportunity to participate in the Once Upon a Prom charity event for the 2nd year in a row this weekend. I had an absolute blast and it reminds me how much I love doing special occasions! 

Once Upon a Prom was started by two women and now run by a group of women who recognize that Prom is a "pivotal event" in a girl's life. Prom is the one day every girls hopes and dreams to remember, just like her wedding day. The start of this organization began with a simple wish for every girl to have the opportunity to experience Prom, regardless of their financial situation. This event is free of charge for all girls with one stipulation... that each girl completes 6 hours of community service! That's not too bad right? 

Girls have a blast as they find their dress, shoes, and accessories as well as getting their hair and make-up done- thanks to Fantastic Sams hairstylists that volunteer their time! The Salon Professional Academy of Eau Claire also has several cosmetology students that come in and help with hair and make-up.  Once Upon a Prom also has a couple of seamstresses on-site that have volunteered their time to alter these dresses for each girl so they fit perfect the day of prom.

All dresses and accessories are donated by people in our community. They are always looking for donations to make prom the most memorable for each and every girl. Please visit their website to learn more about what they are in need of and where to donate. Monetary donations are also welcome. 

To find out more about this amazing event please visit their website here, where you can find out more about the event(s), donate, apply for a dress, volunteer, contact the group, view area donors, and much more.

Below are some pictures of some of the amazing girls I had the opportunity to work on the last two years!

Thanks again to all the volunteers that made this day possible. I am honored to have been a part of it. - Nicole

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