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Your not the only one who has their doubts...

Here are a few simple hold-backs others have had.

Q: How many drops are in a 5 ml and 15 ml bottle?
A: Around 100 in a 5 ml and 300 in a 15 ml (Depending on the viscosity of the oil)

Q: I got a new bottle of (lavender, Thieves, etc) and it smells different than previously, is that normal?
A: Yes, Young Living focuses on the therapeutic or organic constituents, not the smell, so each batch is not always going to smell exactly the same. You can be certain that it will provide the same benefits as your previous bottle. YL Essential Oils can be set back on the shelf to "age" also. Sometimes this allows the smell to sweeten up a little bit.

Q: Is it okay to put citrus oils in plastic or Styrofoam?
A: NO! The Styrofoam will dissolve right before your eyes. Citrus oils also eat plastic, so be careful to use glass, ceramic, or stainless steel if you are putting oil in your beverages.

Q: I HATE the way this oil smells, why?
A: Not everyone is attracted to the same smells, but when a person loves or hates the way an oil smells, that is often an indication that your body needs that oil

Q: If I am allergic to the plant, does that mean I will be allergic to the oil also?
A: Not necessarily. Plant allergies are related to the protein of the plant (leaf, seed, pollen, etc). None of those are present in the essential oil. You should do some research and only do what you are comfortable with. Ask your Independent Distributor about specific oils you are concerned about. If you choose to use them, test on a small area of your body such as the inside of your wrist or elbow. If it becomes irritated, discontinue the use of that oil. Note: You may find that you can diffuse an oil rather than applying topically also.

Q: Am I going to be pressured to order all the time after I order a kit?
A: No. Once you are a member, you are never required to purchase again if you don't choose to. There are no minimum purchases, you can simply order one oil whenever you're ready.

Q: I used the oils before bed and had some really crazy dreams. Is this normal? Will it happen every time I use them before bed?
A: Yes, this is normal. The oils are helping get rid of all kinds of "bad" things in your body. Sometimes this causes you to have emotions with those "bad" things, which are crazy dreams. Usually, the dreams stop relatively quickly, depending on the oil used and the amount of negative emotion stored. 

You can try the oil blend called "Release", which is a blend of Carrot seed, Celery seed, and Chamomile and is very good for your liver. Rub it over your liver and under your nose; relax and breathe. This helps relax you and "release" negativity because the mind is is often judgmental. 

Q: What does "neat" mean?
A: Neat means that you are using the oil straight from the bottle, without a carrier oil to dilute it. 

Q: If I dilute the oil, will it reduce its effectiveness?
A: Using an oil "neat", or using more carrier oil than recommended is not going to reduce the effectiveness of the essential oil, it will just slow the absorption rate down or reduce the hotness of an oil. You may need to apply at a different rate when it is diluted vs. not diluted. Be sure to check each oil and its recommended uses before applying. 

Q: It seems like a lot of money?
A: Trust me, I thought the same thing when I first learned about them. You can find oils a lot cheaper... but those oils have synthetic additives that have a reverse effect and many time are harmful to the body. View my About Young Living page to learn about the difference in "over-the-counter" oils vs. Young Living.

Q: If I sign up as a Wholesale Member, how am I "tied" into the business aspect?
A: Absolutely NOT! You are only involved with Young Living as a business if YOU want to be. Technically all a membership entails is ordering a Premium Starter Kit. (They really should change the wording on that because you don't need to do anything other than that!)

Q: Which oils are generally regarded as "hot" oils?
A: Oregano, lemongrass, thyme, clove, hyssop, and lemon are the ones that are generally regarded as hot. Each person has a different chemical make-up, so what may be hot to you, may not be hot to me. Also, what may be hot to me one time, may not bother me the next time. It's always a good idea to keep a carrier oil with you so you are not uncomfortable if you unexpectedly experience a hot oil. 

Q: I don't want to give them my ss#?
A: I understand your hesitation. Again, I was too. Another way to look at it is this: "When you sign up for a job you give them your social, right? Well, many people that sign up for YL end up selling these oils." If you make more than $600 from a company, they need your social for tax purposes. If they wait until you make that money, they may never get it... Does that make sense? I know it isn't something we want to just "give" people, but I can assure you, Young Living is in it's 21st year of being a business and they are continuing to grow. Your information is completely safe.

Q: It's SO expensive! Why does it cost so much?
A: You get what you pay for...This kit comes with a diffuser, your oils, and learning materials. Your oils will last you a long time and you can simply order whichever ones you want after that, if desired. Think about how many candles you purchase...The diffuser makes your house smell just as amazing (if not better) and it doesn't release all those harmful chemicals that are in candles. 

Q: Can I use more than one oil at the same time?
A: You can mix singles together as well as blended oils with single oils. As a "rule", it is generally said not to mix blends with other blends. For example, Peace & Calming and PanAway are blended oils. Generally you don't want to mix two oils like that together. 

Visit some of the other pages on my blog to learn more about what Young Living products have to offer, where they come from and why they are better than your over-the-counter, drug-store oils.

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