Thursday, April 7, 2016

What makes you feel great?

It the world we call current, it feels like someone is always judging us for our actions, our words, our beliefs. I'm sure you could continue to add to the list if given some thought. What truly makes you feel great? 

I love the quote below because it hits the heart of what makes me feel great. I have enjoyed being a hairdresser for that reason, making each and every person feel like a "somebody" when they leave. Some already have that feeling before even sitting down, but many don't. Do you recall the true reason you went to the salon last? Maybe you can't style your hair anymore. Or you want something new. You're feeling down so you want to spruce something up. Many people come into the salon because they don't feel great about themselves and want a change, something new to make them feel great. THAT is why I loved being a hairdresser.

Now that those days are behind me (for now anyways) it reiterates why this quote hits the sole with me. I strive to 'be somebody who make someone else feel great'. 

Make someone smile today.

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