Monday, April 18, 2016

Laundry Laundry Laundry

Laundry seems to be never-ending; at least in my home. I don't even have children yet (besides a furry one) and it still gets piled up. 

Now, I do change my sheets weekly and I have been catching up on spring laundry- you know, all those shorts, tank tops and summer-y clothes that I've had in totes all winter! 

What do you use to wash your laundry? Do you know what is in that detergent? Or so called detergent! It continues to amaze me how uneducated our society is when it comes to the ingredients in the simple products we use DAILY. 

The number 1 ingredient that is harmful is the number 1 thing most people do when deciding which laundry detergent to purchase at the store...Fragrance. What do we do? Grab a bottle, open the cap and take a sniff. Nah, don't like that one, lets try a different one... Many manufacturers combine a multitude of chemicals to produce that very fragrance. 

Another HUGE ingredient that people often disregard is the actual cleaning agents themselves. These are simply added to help the detergents clean your clothes better. In the meantime, they are releasing a well-known carcinogen; formaldehyde. This is among the several harmful cleaning agents within detergent. 

It makes me wonder WHY people continue to use these? Is it easier than purchasing natural? Is it cheaper? Do 'we' as a society just not care? 

Here are TWO solutions!

Add Young Living Thieves Laundry Soap into your life

*Less is More! This is a plant-based formula that is completely free from harsh additives like synthetic perfumes, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and brighteners. (Stay tuned for upcoming post on tips on naturally keeping clothes white)

Make your own Laundry Soap 

*Laundry soap is VERY easy to make. Did I mention it is inexpensive also? Check out the DIY page for 2 easy recipes (Dry & Liquid)

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