Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Frankincense is another one of those oils that I consider a "must have". It has so many properties that help support the body and keep it staying healthy.

Frankincense is known to contain 40% sesquinterpene. "Sesquinterpenes delete bad information in cellular memory and are present in almost all essential oils. The chemistry of essential oils tells us that they are the largest group of terpenes known naturally in the plant and animal kingdom." So, in non-chemistry terms, this is a compound naturally found in plants and animals. Since Young Living follows their strict Seed-To-Seal process, these compounds follow the process into the essential oils. 

"Phenolics are stimulating to the nervous and immune systems. They clean receptor sites of cells so sesquiterpenes can delete faulty information from the cell. They have antioxidant properties and a high level of oxygenating molecules." So again, these are natural compounds that are within the plants that are used to extract these pure essential oils.

"Put 1 drop on the crown of your head before sleep helps stimulate the limbic system (center of memory & emotions) of the brain." 

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