Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Diffuser Blends for the Mind

Sometimes we all get caught up in life. We wake up, get ready for work, take the dog out, grab a cup of coffee and hop in the car to head to work. The days blend together as work projects begin to fog your vision of life outside of work. Projects pile on your desk and all of a sudden you find yourself knee deep in paperwork.

Take a moment to browse some of my favorite diffuser blends for the mind. My favorite is Rejuvenate! It is no secret that I have a passion for Peppermint, but this diffuser blend will help give me that boost without the caffeine loaded coffee (not that I would say no to a good brew)! 

Try a few blends out over the next couple of days. Let me know what your favorite is. Have a favorite blend of your own? Please share, as I love trying new blends in the diffuser.

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