Friday, March 11, 2016

Drop of Inspiration

Young Living Podcast

Young Living has a new podcast. Have you checked it out yet? Here is the down low on the new podcast. It is updated twice a month to keep everything new and fresh. You can drop off your inspiration anytime, check out leadership lessons, talk with other Young Living influences and get some inside perspective on the company.

They have their first episode out already "Drop of Inspiration", by Jared Turner, the Chief of Operating Officer for Young Living. He joined the podcast having a personal conversation about how he has connected with Young Living and it's impact. Jared's experiences validate just how touching Young Living can be to a persons life, from explaining the Seed to Seal process to reminiscing about his first farm visit.

Just a few days ago (March 9) was the 2 episode. Mary Young has an exclusive interview about her new book. Make sure you tune in and check it out at

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