Monday, December 14, 2015

New Video! Updated Starter Kit and more...

Have you seen the new starter kits? Check out this video to view the new starter kits and much more!

Interested in enjoying these oils in your everyday life?

Still have some questions?

What's it all entail?

It's simple. To get the best deals, become a Young Living Member (also called Independent Distributor). That doesn't mean you have to "sell" Young Living. That just means you get the exclusive 24% discount on all products at all times.

What do I get for my money?

Quite a bit actually. You recieve over $300 in products for $160 (plus shipping). Below is an image of everything you get for becoming a member. 
No annual membership fees! 
No minimum purchases! 

There's still time, but it is limited. You recieve all these products at the same time for one low price. With the free Christmas Gifts from me, it's over $300 in product for $160* (plus shipping)
 *Price may vary depending on the diffuser you choose. Quote based of most popular diffuser (DewDrop)

Don't wait, this deal goes through Christmas! 
Tis the season of sharing. 

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