Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fitness Goals

The amazing feeling of working out will forever keep me young! Well, at least that’s what I pray for. I have been working out more and more lately and it brings so much life to my world. I feel better; happier, more energized, kinder and more passionate about life in general. I have a friend who is a workout fanatic. She is my idol! She inspires to me get in the gym even on my easier days. I love her admiration to working out and having a diet that is almost always on point. The diet part is a bit harder for me because I love cooking and experimenting but I have never lost the sight of what living a happy and healthy lifestyle is all about. #happyhealthyliving

What have I been up to lately? Well, I try to walk our dog every night. Even if it’s only a 10 minute walk, it’s great getting Reggie out of the yard and checking out the neighborhood. It doesn't always work out like that, but we try. He runs around outside almost the entire time we are home, but it’s still great to get out and about. 

Beyond that, shoulders, shoulders and shoulders! My fitness goal right now is to build my shoulders while maintaining my regular workout. I have been hitting the gym hard to build my strength, particularly shoulders. I don't need to be huge but I do need strength. As many of you know, I am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy bow hunting more many reasons; to put some delicious food in the freezer and enjoy the glory of nature and what it has to offer. I never want to run out of venison to make Jalapeno Cream Cheese Venison wrapped in Bacon year round too! And they are amazing! But on a serious note, shoulders are a weak point for me. I’ve struggled maintaining strong shoulders through sports injuries earlier in my life and lack of consistent workouts as I began bow hunting. It doesn’t make it easy hunting when you can’t comfortably pull back the bow at your desired draw weight. So, I’m making it a point to build those muscles. And, I love muscular shoulders. Although I have access to a crossbow, I don’t think I would enjoy the sportsmanship of bow hunting as much while using one. We shall see what the future holds. 

What are your fitness goals? Take a walk every night? Maybe every othe night. Do a few squats? The power is in your hands! #faith #love #happyhealthyliving

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