Monday, May 2, 2016

hard-working weekend = soothing diffuser blends

Are you looking for something to soothe you after working in the garden all weekend? I am! I finally had the opportunity to visit my parents after what seemed like 'forever' ago. They had an abundance of hasta and yellow day lilies that needed to be dug up and split so I was more than willing to come help. I mean, they are my parents and they do help me with anything and everything they can so I always try to come help them out when I can.  Plus, being the great parents they are... they gave me all the plants I wanted. Woot, woot! 

So for those who haven't followed me before, here's a little back story. I have been working on digging up my 'current' landscape since last fall. Yes, last fall. We love DIY projects but sometimes they take a while. It has been a massive work in progress. The plants we had were so woody in areas, out of shape, over-grown, flowery and mis-matched. You all know I like things symmetrical and matching! They were pretty, but just not the best plants for people who love to be outside in the summer either. And they all attract bumble bees like crazy! 

Starting last fall, we tore up all the landscaping fabric and mulch. Our puppy loved grabbing mulch and running around the yard chewing on it so that was the first "must go". I dug up a few of the easy plants and re-steaked landscaping fabric so our rebellious puppy that loves dirt doesn't get dirty.

The leads us to spring. My husband gave me a helping hand and dug out some of the really big bushes Friday night so we could till the dirt before re-planting. Kudos to him, those bushes were rock solid and had roots deeper than ever imaginable. I kept reminding him "just wait until it's done, it'll look so much better!" (Smirk) He knows how much I wanted it done and just put the work in. Man I love than guy! 

Well, Saturday after moving rock and assisting my parents in digging up the plants we managed to bring home about 30 plants. I can't say exactly how many, but it was a lot. I really only needed 14-15 plants but since I had enough, I combined them and made them the 'perfect' size. Yesterday the weather was a bit warmer, which made replanting fun. It didn't take all that long either. Although all I have done is planting, I will need to finish by putting landscaping fabric in place early this week. I am so excited to finally have them planted though. (Pictures to come) 

My next goal- bring in some rock. In the meantime, I'm going to relax to my soothing diffuser blends!

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