Friday, August 21, 2015

NEW Cool Azul Sports Gel

Has anyone tried the new Cool Azul Sports Gel? It's formulated with 10 ml of pure essential oil in every tube. The main ingredient is aloe vera; which further adds to this one of a kind formula's base very beneficial. And it's pure aloe of course! Young Living never uses synthetic bi-products in any of their products (or oils). For more information on Young Living's exclusive Seed to Seal process, please visit the Seed to Seal page. 

Cool Azul not only hydrates the skin, but has a blend of Peppermint, menthol and camphor; which includes Pelactranthus Oregano and Young Living-exclusive Dorando Azul essential oil. These naturally extracted ingredients give this gel the consistency that makes every application convenient and easy for any user; including physical, sports and massage use. 

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